When I was 7 years old, I was sitting at a table in my classroom, doing some handwriting practice along with several other children. I remember that I was holding a well-chewed, thick red pencil. My teacher came to our table and looked at everyone's work. He looked at each piece of paper, and praised each child in turn. When he got to me, hetold me I needed to improve my writing as it was not "good enough". My embarrassment turned to shame and then to anger 

The Mindful Handshake is intended as a greeting to ourselves: it is though we are are shaking our hand to make contact with how we are feeling in a given moment. It can be used at any time, but particularly if fears or anxiety are becoming out of control.
To carry this out, please trace one hand with the index finger of the other, starting with the thumb, moving slowly and mindfully to each digit on the hand, using the following as your guide (remembering that the guide is within)...





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