Nikki Harman is a nurse working in the NHS. Having practised meditation and mindfulness for nearly 20 years, she has been developing techniques to help a wide range of patients, including those with dementia or confusion; acute or chronic pain; anxiety and fears and for relaxation; and is beginning to teach NHS staff how to bring mindfulness into their own work, as well as with their patients. Nikki is also a Connected Kids™ tutor and trainer, teaching parents and professionals the beginners and professional meditation courses. She has also written a beginners course specifically for healthcare workers who work with children in the clinical setting. 


Nikki has written her own courses in mindfulness which she delivers to her clients. One is a 4-week introductory course in mindfulness, teaching the practice of mindfulness and meditation using a variety of activities, with time for reflection and stillness as well as audios from each session, and "homework" to practice.


The second is a six-week course looking at six different themes each week with which to reflect on and meditate with, and is aimed at helping the individual to make positive changes in their life using mindfulness and meditation. Nikki has written a book based on this, which she plans to publish this year. Both courses run through the year either individually or as a group. Nikki is also a Reiki Master, often combining these skills with deep meditations to help the client tap into their own healing abilities and clear blocks in their life.