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Charlie Dooley, Project Development Officer, Durlston Country Park:
"Nikki is currently delivering a Mindfulness course for St. Mark’s Primary School Nurture Group, as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund pilot project. The group have a mixture of complex social, emotional and mental health needs and it has been fantastic to watch their development in such a short space of time. It was extremely heartening  to watch the group after just three sessions be able to completely relax with each other and lie in silence, listening to world around them. It seems that they really appreciate having a calm, safe space to unwind, especially those who have a more hectic home environment. Their behaviour has been great and that can only be testament to the fact that they are really responding to and enjoying the course. We really hope this is something we can expand upon if we are successful with our funding application, so that more children can benefit."
Alistair Tuckey, Ranger Durlston Country Park
"Nikki has been delivering Mindfulness walks at Durlston, which have been popular and the feedback is always very positive. It’s fantastic to see someone really use all the different areas of the park to connect people with the environment and enable them to unwind and de-stress in an otherwise busy world."
Lockyers Middle School:
"Nikki visited Lockyer's Middle School to deliver 1 mindfulness session a week for 4 weeks to a group of 20 Year 6 children. This was delivered in the weeks up to their SATs in order to provide them with a number of different calming and relaxation techniques. The children really enjoyed these sessions and the activities within them were fantastic. After the course had finished, I spoke to the children to gain their feedback and most said how they found it really helpful for their SATs and can also think of things in the future when it will help them again, they also said that they enjoyed each week when Nikki came to visit. I would like to say a huge thank you to Nikki for coming in and working around us as a school, she was great and I would love to work with her again."
J: "I completed the Connected Kids Level 1 Teaching Mindfulness to Children course with Nikki last week and it has to be one of the best courses I have been on during my 15yr career as a teacher! I learnt so much about myself and about techniques and strategies I can use the with students I teach to help to manage their stress and anxiety in particular. I can't wait to get back into school next week and try out some of the things we did on the course. Thanks again Nikki for a really empowering day, and I really hope that our paths cross again soon sometime"
S: "Nikki has really helped my son's anxiety with one to one meditation sessions, would thoroughly recommend!"
L: "Nikki is amazing! She is compassionate and genuine and always makes you feel at ease."
H: "Thoroughly enjoyed my Level 1 training in teaching meditation to children yesterday. Nikki has a lovely energy and created a relaxed, welcoming and comfortable environment - enabling me to immediately feel at ease and excited for the day ahead. Thank you!"
C: Thank you for coming to our team meeting today, everyone was really impressed with the Happy Kids Cards. identifying lots of ways we can use them both in our work and personal lives. The mindfulness session was an added bonus. Thank you can't recommend enough!
"Following a recent episode of clinical depression I decided to seek an additional route of recovery other than taking anti-depressants.I was recommended Nikki, a reiki master, nurse and mindfulness tutor. I booked my first appointment with Nikki with a little apprehension. I had nothing to worry about, Nikki put me at ease very quickly. After taking a brief history of events that led me to my depression, I had my first reiki session. I immediately felt calmer and more at peace. I subsequently booked further sessions with her. Three months down the line I am feeling much better and have definitely benefitted from having reiki. I am also about to start Nikki's "Introduction to mindfulness" course in the hope of developing coping mechanisms for the future." 
"What an amazing introduction to Mindfulness. I enjoyed it so much, a great meeting of minds. I cant wait for the proper course to start, sign me up!!! Anyone thinking about having a go, just go and do a session with Nikki, it will change your mind set very quickly x"

"I had reiki and mindfulness classes with Nikki. We all have really busy lives in nowadays, we feel over-exhausted and disconnected with ourselves, we can lose the perception of our limits and the world around us. I think that it is important to realise that we need to stop sometimes and calm our minds down and reconnect to ourselves and get our balance back, emotionally and physically. Nikki is one of the people who has helped me to improve my sense of ‘be kind to yourself’, find ways to rebalance your energy, mind and to feel good! I believe that stress does drain a lot of our good energy and our body has different ways to release the stress, learning how to meditate and calm your mind, having a reiki session has really helped me when I needed!

I have also asked Nikki to do reiki on my 4 year-old daughter and she was brilliant! Nikki is so passionate about everything she does and she is very dedicated. I have a respect for her and her lovely work!"

"Nikki did some wonderful mindfulness work with my 8yr old daughter. My daughter bottled up all her problems until she could take no more. Nikki helped her to let go of those feelings with techniques she still uses today. Fully recommend Nikki for work with children"
S & C

"It's been a long time since I’ve seen my daughter as relaxed and contented as she was, having a reiki treatment with Nikki. After the treatment, the whole family felt a sense of peace and calm in the house. It felt good. The issue of pain is having less of an impact on her day to day life and she is easily able to take herself back to that calm, contented place using the technique taught to her during the session. She seems happier and for that we are so grateful.” What S’s daughter said: “It made me feel calm and relaxed. I enjoyed it and it stopped the pain for a while. Sometimes if I remember I go to my island and it helps me go straight to sleep."



"Nikki’s course not just gave me a whole new set of tools to help deal with anxieties, stresses and difficulties in many areas of my life, but attending the course filled me with a great sense of wellbeing, calm and positivity. Nikki is a wonderful teacher, and her passion for teaching the principles of mindfulness and meditation is evident every moment."



"I first went to see Nikki for reiki whilst going through a particularly difficult time. I was really struggling both emotionally and physically and although I was initially a little nervous and didn't know exactly what to expect, she immediately put me at ease.

My sessions have been invaluable to me and I truly believe they have helped my well-being immeasurably.

Nikki's skill and experience means she can offer many other techniques alongside the reiki, such as meditation that can aid in a myriad of issues and ailments, and with a focus on helping me to help myself means I am able to take aspects of my sessions and apply them in daily life."



"I attended Nikki’s mindfulness sessions 2 years ago. I enjoyed the sessions which were a balance of theory and practical inputs. They were delivered skilfully and adapted to each individual. I now practice mindfulness daily…and has helped me cope with personal and professional challenges"



"What a lovely way to spend a Saturday, beginning my journey on the road of Reiki. I felt very comfortable and at ease with Nikki who right from the start made me very welcome in her home. (she makes delicious soup!) I not only got my first set of tools to help me try a little self-healing but learnt the skills of meditation; something I have always found difficult. This was an amazing experience especially sat on a sandy beach listening to the waves lapping the shoreline. Thank you Nikki for such a relaxing day full of peace, calm and positivity. I will certainly be looking out for more of your wellbeing courses/days in the future"




I really enjoyed undertaking the meditation course. The resources and materials we were given enabled me to practice alone and continue to learn. I found the sessions to be creative, supportive and enlightening. It has given me skills I use in my everyday life and opened up a new interest in mindfulness – all thanks to Nikki.